Al Anbar Province, Iraq. School reconstruction project

Conflict destroys infrastructure and routine which are basic requirements for security and development. . Children living in these situations lose their childhood, families, loose the continuity of their education, friends and social structure. They are vulnerable, at risk of violence and need a safe and sheltered environment to thrive and flourish. A focus on education promotes peace building and conflict mitigation. The school is the first step to re-establishment of the community and therefore a visible sign of a return to normalcy. There are approximately 37 schools in the Al Anbar province that have been destroyed totally or partially as a result of the conflict.

The school is the center of the community and helps bring the community together. The school building also may be used temporarily for primary healthcare, youth empowerment lessons and community activities.

Repairing and reconstruction gives us the opportunity to give these children the requisite care and security and a stable environment that they can count on. This school/s can be used further on as a community outreach center and dispense primary care to mothers and children. Once the structure is rehabilitated it can be used to dispense food and shelter during the day, and can also be used to provide part time instruction to youth, as a basic healthcare center and be repurposed as a focal point of the community in general.

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